“No Longer a Fragment” Published in Kasma SF

This is awesome.

Alexis A. Hunter

I’m back again to tell you about a new story of mine published just this evening.  The delightful folks over at Kasma SF have published my science fiction short story, “No Longer a Fragment“.  And it’s free to read (click story title)!  And it has amazing, amazing art by the super talented José Baetas!

In this post, I’ll talk briefly about the story behind “No Longer a Fragment” as well as rave a bit about the artwork for this piece.  If you get the time, it’s a very short read and I’d appreciate hearing if people like it or not.

Artwork by José Baetas Artwork by José Baetas

Behind the Story

I wrote “No Longer a Fragment” during Story-a-Day May 2013.  At its core, the inspiration for this story came from a paper I wrote in college.  In the paper, I talked about how I felt like a sentence fragment, incomplete…

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